Kate in Central Park

Today it is three years since my beautiful Kate left this place. I’m thinking of you buddy. Rest in peace my love.

Love Potion #8

Valentine’s Day 1961. Morty Crepe makes final adjustments immediately prior to the launch of the ambitious, yet ultimately fatally miscalculated Love Potion #8.

He never showed his face in public again.

Kate's Tree

Today I buried Kate‘s ashes with the Newton apple tree.


My first love.

Marina, Aqua Marina,
What are these strange enchantments that start whenever you’re near?

Thanks for reminding me Chickie!

†Thanks Earthstation for the music. You guys go buy something from them and assuage my conscience…

My friends Pil and William were married on the weekend at a lovely gathering of friends and family. Pil is a big tennis fiend (notwithstanding the fact that she seems to break a bone every time she plays), and William is, well, a tiny bit of a Doctor Who fan.

I thought you guys might like to see their cake…

(Oh, yes, the ring-in is their dog, Daisy, who likes to act in a supervisory capacity in all things).

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