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In a product endorsement that must surely attract the status of Super Amusive, this pillow boasts a pedigree that is similar to damning with faint praise.


Once again thanks go to the ever-intrepid Pil, who should surely start a blog of her own.


I’m working on a new project with my images, this time an animation called Microspore. I wanted to post the moving version up for you to see, but no matter what I do I can’t get it to look presentable, and the full file at proper resolution is far too big for web streaming. Teh internets are cool, but still w-a-a-a-a-y too slow for serious stuff.

Anyways, here are some stills from the film. You’ll have to imagine that you’re looking through a microscope at little critters drifting slowly past.

Microspore 1

Microspore 2

Microspore 3

Microspore 4

Microspore 5

Whenever you do significant building reconstruction of any kind, there eventually comes the time when you need to choose the colours with which walls & things are going to be painted. Even though I’m a fairly visual person I have to confess that my mind just clouds over when I see a paint colour chart.

“What colour do you think for the walls,” asks Violet Towne, “White?”

“Oh sure, white is good,” I say. “Goes with everything and makes the decision-making simple!”

The problem is, the people who make paint don’t see things merely in black & white. There are TEN MILLION different shades of white. And they have a sample for every single one of them.

I scrutinize the contenders to which Violet Towne has narrowed down the choice, but inevitably, this is always how it ends up looking to me:


An Eye Pin

Violet Towne made me this ultra-geek-chic pin for my birthday.


I found this little* guy yesterday clambering all over our renovations. He (or maybe she) is of the family Nicodamidae, endemic to Australia and Papua New Guinea, and usually found in Eucalyptus forests. He’s making do with sawn pine around our place at the moment.


*Don’t let the photo fool you – he was only about 10mm long from leg tip to leg tip.


The Polanskis

The only known group portrait of the notorious Polanski Brothers.

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