Spam Observations #13

Henry wrote to me today with a remedy for my failure to attract beautiful women:

Don’t you wish you could attract all the most gorgeous women around you each day? Its easier then you think. A few dabs of Ultra Allure Pheromones will have women fighting over you.

Women fighting over me? Would it be too much to hope for naked jelly-wrestling?

Scientifically proven to work- pheromones have been used for years now to attract women.

And ants.

Don’t be at a disadvantage anymore- pheromones will help any male attract women of all types and ages.

Awww… hang on, it’s starting to sound a bit indiscriminate… And scary. I don’t know if I want women of all types and ages flocking to my door. Does this Ultra Allure stuff come in a flavour that won’t attract Bronwyn Bishop or Pauline Hanson or Amanda Vanstone?*

Don’t be left behind! Millions of men are already benefiting from using pheromons to attract women-

(and ants…)

-without them you are at a disadvantage! Don’t let the other guy get the girl, arm yourself with Ultra Allure pheromones tonight!

Hang on, if all these other men are drenching themselves in these pheromones, and I do too, it’s just going to be one big pheromone free-for-all out there. Hey, maybe that’s it! Those poor crazed women are going to be so hormone-addled by the haze of pheromones that they’ll be just jumping anything that moves. It’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel!

If YOU would like to …
– Become a lot more sexually attractive.

Uh huh…

– Meet more beautiful women, MUCH more easily.

I’m listening…

– Grab the attention and get approached by women far more often.

Go on…

– Make a fantastic, memorable, compelling impression , every time.

Sounding good…

– Increase your self-confidence and masculinity BIG-time: then this may be the most important news you will read all year.

Henry, I’m sold! Where do I sign? Oh, just before I do, coupla quick questions: Women are not going to think I’m a giant ant are they? Because, like, giant ants are not really known for getting the girl, except in 1950s horror movies in which instance it generally turns out badly for the ant. And, um, just curious, but can you tell me if there are any known side-effects if Ultra Allure is used in conjunction with SPUR-M?

*Overseas visitors: Australian political figures who, if you are lucky, you will never ever read about again.